A passion for the heart of our city.

Over the past four years, I have worked with dozens of residents, businesses and other stakeholders to improve safety, expand investment, create vibrancy and build on the incredible efforts of others who are moving our downtown forward. The Growth Plan and the City Centre Plan both call for increased density in our downtown to maximize infrastructure, expand residential growth and attract more businesses. To achieve this, national and local experts, stakeholders and investors have identified some key pieces to make our downtown successful:

  • A modern public transportation system
  • All ages and abilities walking and cycling infrastructure
  • A modern central library
    • Park space
    • Playground
    • Indigenous Place Making
    • Winter Animation
  • An entertainment district 
  • More residential housing
  • More businesses (including a major grocery store)

Progress is being made.

  • Midtown Plaza - $80 million dollar renovation
  • Two new residential towers - 25th Street
  • River Landing is coming to life: RBC, Nutrien, Remai Modern; condominium high rise
  • Traffic Bridge, with protected cycling lanes along Victoria Avenue to 8th Street
  • 21st Street facelift and infrastructure upgrade
  • Central library loan (opens in 2026)
  • New micro grocery stores 
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) 1st Avenue, 22nd Street and 25th Street (coming in 2025)
  • Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge fully upgraded; pedestrian space expanded
  • Vendasta expansion
  • More Parking Patios - Restrictions loosened and fees eliminated
  • Downtown Public Wi-Fi coming in 2021
  • River Landing Urban and Farmers Market coming in 2021

There is a new plan to support vulnerable people. It is the culmination of years of intensive talks and collaboration through the Safe Community Action Alliance - a group of more than 60 lead agencies in Saskatoon.  A jointly funded project with the City of Saskatoon and Province of Saskatchewan is being led by the Saskatoon Tribal Council through the White Buffalo Youth Lodge. This is an entirely new approach to safety and well-being. As Chief Mark Arcand said, for the first time we have a model that is "for Indigenous people, led by Indigenous people."

Together, we will make our downtown the envy of Canada - a healthy, safe, vibrant community for everyone to live, work and play.

Find more information on the plan to go: Link